Please note, that all rooms in the FARM HOUSE are only available as part of an advertised EXPERIENCE WEEKEND (see PROGRAMS for details ) or as part of a custom made holiday experience ( see TRIPS )

THE COTTAGE is also independently available, for self - catering holidays or short breaks. Please refer to COTTAGE PRICE LIST 2017.

The accommodation includes an extensive list of extra services and evening entertainment, please refer to details at the bottom of the price list.

Please take note, that all beds date from between 1495 - 1660 and are therefore not of modern dimensions. If you prefer wider beds, we recommend you book the bedrooms as a single bedroom and book 2 rooms instead, in order to avoid overcrowding.

Due to the delicate nature of the historic furniture and decor, we can not allow DOGS, children under the age of 14 or smoking.


NO CHILDREN ( under 14 )





£ 380 Double

£ 300 as a SINGLE

En suite shower & bathroom

Bed dates to the reign of HENRY VII ( Henry VIII's father, the very first TUDOR KING ) Circa 1495 - 1520.

139cm x 215cm ( 54.5 x 84.5in ) 



£ 380 Double

£ 300 as a SINGLE

En suite shower & bathroom ( also with a bath )

Bed dates to the reign of Elizabeth I.  Circa 1600.

140cm x 208cm ( 55 x 82in ) 



£ 210 Single

Own, separate  shower & bathroom ( also with a bath )

Bed dates to the reign Charles II ( Late 17th century )


ELIZABETHAN ROOM ( Smaller room ) 

£ 340 Double

£ 280 as a SINGLE

Shared bathroom with a shower

Access to cottage kitchen, living room and eating area. 

Bed dates to Elizabeth's reign. Circa 1600.

140cm x 193cm ( 55in x 75.5in )


CHARLES II ROOM  ( Larger room ) 

£ 360 Double

£ 300 as a SINGLE

£ 100 for extra single bed ( if 3 people are sharing this room )

Shared bathroom with a shower

Access to cottage kitchen, living room, eating area and extensive library for various Tudor & Stuart fiction and non fiction books

Bed dates to JAMES I reign. Circa 1603-1620.

144cm x 196cm ( 56.5in x 77in )


BOOKED AS A WHOLE by one party of up to 5 ( all taking part in the activity programme )

£ 700


The accommodation in THE FARMHOUSE and THE COTTAGE, booked as part of an advertised EXPERIENCE course/weekend or customised EXPERIENCE HOLIDAY includes :

  • Breakfast of your choice ( cooked, continental or " Tudor " )

  • Free EVENING ENTERTAINMENT ( Tudor or 17th century related activities or talks )

  • 24 hours free access to indoor heated endless pool and small gym

  • 24 hours free access to extensive,landscaped gardens with Tudor & 17th century features

  • 24 hours complimentary Tudor drinks and snacks

  • Complimentary modern wash kit and Tudor soap balls

  • Free access to an extensive library of Tudor and 17th century related novels and non fiction reference material

  • Free access to an extensive DVD library to cover everything Tudor & 17th century history related movies and documentaries

  • All rooms ( except the GOLD ROOM ) are equipped with a DVD player. The bedrooms in the cottage have a DVD player and TV in the living area )

  • Access to a wide choice of original 16th and 17th century " Souvenir " items for sale, to suit all budgets.

  • Free use of period attire for the duration of your stay. Please let us have your size requirements no later than 3 months prior to your stay. You may purchase your costume if you wish. The wearing of period attire during your stay is optional but it is good fun !


  • To make a booking, please email your required time period, together with names, ages ( people under 25 ), contact address and phone number​

  • Full payment is required within 3 days from booking or instantly, if there is less than 2 months from the time of booking and the date of arrival

  • Payment may be made by paypal / bank transfer or a UK drawn cheque ( only if booking takes place at least 3 months before date of arrival )

  • Arrival time is any time after 12.00 noon. Please advise us of your expected time of arrival. Check out time is 12.00 noon

  • We are not able to offer a refund should you cancel your booking. However, we are happy for you to send us people to replace you. ( Must be over 25 of age )

  • In the unlikely event that the property should become unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control, we reserve the right to cancel the booking. In such a case, we will refund the full amount of monies paid.

  • Any damage or loss must be immediately reported and paid for

  • We ask our guests to respect and value the historic nature of our furniture and truly outstanding & unique decor as well as the opportunity to experience staying in a guest house which sets you back into Britain's deepest past. Please help to look after this unique setting !