Parsonage Farm is a classic example of how medieval farm buildings developed over the centuries. What started out as a humble dwelling with a fire place in its centre, developed into a respectable and comfortable farmhouse over a period of 600 years. 

Today, the Farmhouse offers 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms upstairs. 

The bathrooms are a modern addition, as we, and our guests would not want to miss those modern comforts.

Please note, that beds from the Tudor and Stuart époque are smaller in size. If size matters, please refer to our room description and choose a bed to your requirement.

The GREEN Room, the SANDSTONE Room and the GOLD Room are available for you to stay in and experience a once in a life time historic holiday !


houses the oldest bed which dates to the late 1400s. The carving on its bedposts are almost identical to those, found on the recently discovered marriage bed of Henry VII and Queen Elizabeth, Henry VIII's parents. Other key furniture in this room is a very rare child's court cupboard. There is an en suite shower room with sink and toilet. This bedroom also has a DVD player for you to choose from an extensive DVD 16th & 17th century related library. The double bed measures 190cm (length) by 120cm(width)                                                                                                                                   THE SANDSTONE BEDROOM

The bed in this room is a late Elizabethan/James I full Tester Bed, possibly of West Country origin. It features inlaid chequer & floral marquetry. The Tester Bed measures about 208cm in length, and 140cm in width. Other furniture include a late 17th century oak fall front bureau,  a late 17th century gate leg table, various 17th century chairs and a Charles II chest of drawers as well as a late 17th century walnut oyster veneered side table. The SANDSTONE bedroom also offers an en suite bathroom with shower and a bath.


is a relatively small bedroom in an 17th century extension, next to to the oldest part of the house. It is absolutely unique, in that it still has the 16th/17th century exterior windows which are now part of the interior dividing wall and retain, in parts, the original glass panes. The bed is a simple 17th century bed stead, typical for the use in a farmhouse. It is 2m long and 120cm wide.The room  further houses an Elizabethan Italian chair, a late 17th century chest of drawers and a small coffer. The GOLD Room's own bathroom with shower and bath is a little further down the corridor. 

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