Absolutely unique to this establishment is the opportunity, if you wish, to get totally immersed in the 1500 and 1600 hundreds by eating and drinking authentic meals, served by a hostess in historic dress and to get entertained the Tudor or Stuart way. We are happy to entertain individuals, couples or groups up to 10 people ( with accommodation ) . Groups of 5 or more, may put together a list of activities of their choice.

Cost may vary according to number of participants and activity. Please enquire.

  • Meals : Your hostess is happy to teach you about and serve authentic meals and drinks all prepared from authentic recipes.

  • Entertainment : Enjoy an evening of musical entertainment and learn how to dance the Tudor and 17th century way !

  • Free time activities : Get the opportunity to learn play iconic board and card games and have a go at archery, lawn games or learn about black powder shooting, cross bows and archery

  • Ladies day : Learn all about the pastime activities for ladies in the 16 & 17th century including embroidery, tablet weaving, pomander making, soap making, and how to make herbal remedies.

  • Life at the farm experience : Learn about the duties of a monastic farmer tenant and a 17th century farmer and his wife. The activities are naturally seasonally based and may include fence making, basket making, growing vegetables and herbs, tile making, carving etc

  • Life in the 16th century : A “hands on “tour through the daily life of a Tudor farmer and his family. This activity will show you what a 16th century farmhouse dweller would have worn, which furniture they would have possessed, what cutlery and flatware they would have eaten and drank from. It also gives you an inside into the mind and religious belief of people and takes you through life events such as marriage, birth, death as well as the significance of religious holidays.

  • Life in the 17th century : A “ hands on “ tour through the daily life of a Stuart farmer and his family. This also highlights the social development since the 16th century and how this has had an impact on the life of individuals.

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