As part of the TUDOR & 17TH CENTURY EXPERIENCE, you will get instructed in all things relating to life in the Tudor & 17th century period. These weekends give you  a unique opportunity to step back into history and gain an insight into what life was like for ordinary people such as farmers. You will eat and drink authentic meals, dress in the appropriate costume ( optional ), play contemporary games, learn about fashion & dress code of the time, table manners, roles of the wife & and husband, take dance classes, listen to authentic music ( performed by a musician), learn long forgotten Tudor and 17th century terminology and expressions , get to try out some embroidery stitches, get involved in Tudor cookery & baking, learn about archery, swords & guns of the time, learn about contemporary seasonal food and how to preserve them for the winter, prepare herbal remedies and pomanders and early soaps. 

As part of this hands-on history holiday experience, we will also teach you about 16th & 17th century furniture, pottery , pewter and textiles. You will get to handle authentic pieces and learn to spot a fake or reproductions from a genuine item. Real enthusiasts can book longer sessions to also learn how to date authentic pieces.


Throughout the year we also organise special events at Parsonage Farm, where experts in their fields give talks or run a workshop. All activities relate to the Tudor age or 17th century.  Please get in touch if you would be interested in taking part in one of the following talks / workshops :

* Tudor & Stuart period cooking and food

* Tudor & 17th century fashion and fabrics

* Tudor and 17th century dancing

* Tudor and 17th century musical instruments , and their origins 

* Early tile making

* Early metal working

* Early wood carving and tools used

* Early pottery ware to include Bellamines,      Westerwald, Siegburg etc and tin glazed delft ware

* Trip to a Period Costume seamstress for fitting

* Candle making

* Seasonal celebrations, religion and traditions


If you have a particular interest linked to the 16th and 17th century and would love to visit relevant places and learn more about it but simply have not got the time to organise such a once in a life time break, let us do the hard work and treat you to a holiday experience you will not forget ! 

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